Expert Animal
Wellness Care

Check up on Your Pet's Health

Bring your pet in for their annual checkup to get the information that you need about possibly troubling symptoms and identify any issues early on. We also offer dental care services to take care of your dog or cat's teeth. Find out more about the amazing preventative pet health care we offer.

Worried about a sickness that your pet may have developed? There's no need to fear! The professional vets at Animal Health Center of Dexter can diagnose any issue with your pet and prescribe the proper medication to give it the care it needs.

Healthy Diet Plans

Ensure that your pet is always in the best of health. Choosing the right diet plan can mean the difference between wellness and illness. Our caring, friendly vets can assess the fitness of your pet and recommend the right diet for them.

Comprehensive Blood Work

Blood work is essential to predicting possible issues and identifying health problems your pet might be having, at an early stage. Our efficient and friendly staff is always here to offer you the top-of-the-line pet care services that you need.
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